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AboneMed  Medical Equipment Suppliers in Dubai...


We have gained an outstanding reputation in the region by lowering the costs of owning and maintaining medical equipment for our clients making us one of the best Medical Equipment Suppliers in Dubai. We achieve this by providing world class customer service and superior technical support to all who entrust themselves into our care.


Through our Biomedical Engineering Service Division, Our highly skilled technical department is filled with our own employees who have the experience and capability of repairing all types of medical equipment. This includes Medical Equipments such as Ultrasound ECG Machines, Patient Monitor, Fetal Monitor, Syringe pump, Infusion Pump, Medical Weighing Scale, Defibrillators, X-Ray, C-ARMS, Portable X-Ray, Mammography, and most General Biomedical Equipment. Through our Parts Division, we keep on hand major imaging parts for our clients while also maintaining good records for our clients that we perform 3rd party service giving us the greater edge of being the best Medical Equipment Suppliers in Dubai.


Our goal is simple; to be the number one service company in the regions we cover. To obtain this, we have a large stock of parts in our warehouse supported by a sophisticated supply chain that spans the globe.


Through our New Medical Equipment Division, we represent various U.S. and European Manufacturers providing our clients with new technology, thus advancing healthcare in the markets we serve. In many cases, our clients may not have the fiscal budget necessary to obtain the latest technology. Therefore, through our Pre-Owned Medical Equipment Division, we carry a large stock of pre-owned equipment right here in Dubai.


Taking advantage of our highly skilled technical staff on hand of best Medical Equipment Suppliers in Dubai, we bring this equipment back up to the original equipment manufacturers specification using ONLY OEM parts. In this way for those customers with limited budget we still provide a solution to have today’s technology at yesterday’s prices. We offer a full one year unconditional warranty on all the pre-owned equipment along with 5 years after sales service.