Blood Gas Analyzer

Blood Gas Analyzer

  • Technology:ISE(Ion Selectivity Electrode),Measurement of Tco2 by pressure method.
  • Sample:Serum/Plasma/Whole Blood/Urine/CSF
  • Sample Volume:80-150ul
  • Reagent Volume:1ml
  • Throughput:60 samples/hour
  • Printer:Inner Thermal Printer
  • Display:Large LCD
  • Storage:Up to 1000 tests
  • Interface:RS-232
  • Working Conditions:Temperature:15-30ºC
  • Humidity:20%-80%
  • Power Requirement:220AV±10%,50/60 Hz,80W Electrode
  • ISE electrode used for Ge300 series Electrolyte Analyzer
  • Parameters:K+,Na+,Cl-,Ca++,Li+,PH,Ref,Tco2



  • Sample volume: 2-70 µl (in 0,2 µl step)
  • Reagent volume:  R1 50-300 µl (in 1 µl step), R2 10-200 µl (in 1 µl step)
  • Dispensing probe equipped with liquid -level sensor and crash detector
  • Auto-dilution of samples and calibrators


  • Minimum reaction volume: 180 µl
  • Reusable reaction cuvettes


  • Independent stirrers
  • 3 user selectable mixing speeds


  • 4 levels of control material can be used
  • Levey-Jennings graphs
  • Twin Plot diagrams for monitoring of systematic and random error
Automatic Chemistry Analyzer BK 200

Automatic Chemistry Analyzer BK 200

  • Both open and closed system are all available;supported different reagents of different brands.
  • Reversed optics and stable photo sensor make sure the precision of results.
  • Precision sampling pumps assures the accuracy of samplings, sample adding 0.1 μI steping,reagent adding 1 μI steping.
  • Refrigerated reagent & sample tray, continuous cooling within 24 hours.
  • Onboard capacity of 49 samples position, 56 reagent position.
  • Automatic probe cleaning inside and outside, with liquid level sensor.
  • 24 hour non-stop working,convenient emergency function with inserting emergency samples at random.
  • Perfect function of quality control management, convenient to manage the clinical test result.
Chemistry Analyzer Mindray BS 200

Chemistry Analyzer Mindray BS 200

  •  200 tests per hour, up to 330 tests per hour with ISE (K, Na, Cl)
  •  24-hour refrigeration for reagent tray
  •  Built-in bar code scanner
  •  Independent mixing stirrer
  •  Robust and user-friendly operation software
  •  Multi-language version available
  •  Pre-dilution and post-dilution for sample
  •  Bi-directional LIS interface
Electrolyte analyzer

Electrolyte analyzer

  • Technology: Ion selective electrode(ISE), measurement of TCO2 by pressure method.
  • Parameters: K,Na,Cl,iCa,nCa,Tca,pH,Li,TCO2,AG.
  • Sample: Blood serum,Blood plasma,Whole blood,Dilute urine,Cerebrosipinal Fluid
  • Sample position: 35 positions(Including QC, emergency, activating0, having liquid level automatically detection.
  • Reagent pack: 1 unit, real-time monitoring of reagent residual volume.
  • Sample Volume: 60-300ul
  • Test Speed: ≤25s
  • Printer: Inner Thermal Printer
  • Interface: RS232
  • Ambient: 5℃-40℃
  • Power: 220V±10V 50Hz-60Hz
Hematology Analyzer

Hematology Analyzer

  • 5-part differentiation, 27 parameters, 3 DIFF scatter grams and 1 BASO scatter gram, 3 histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT.
  • Tri-angle semi-conductor Laser scatter combined with chemical dye method, advanced flow cytometry.
  • Compact, powerful and affordable.
  • Only 15ul sampling volume.
  • Up to 60 samples per hour.
  • 3 counting modes: venous blood, capillary blood and pre-diluted.
  • Capability to flag abnormal samples.
  • Large storage capacity: up to 50,000 samples
Urine Analyzer

Urine Analyzer

  •  Adopting the advanced high luminosity cold light source with 4 -wavelength, which improves the sensitivity, accuracy, specificity, and reduces the interference from ambient light.
  •  Adopting automatic waste handling equipment, which avoid cross-contamination between samples.
  •  Automatically rectify the test results influenced by non-specificity, pH, specific gravity, and color.
  •  Built-in thermal printer with high speed and low noise; External stylus printer.
  •  Connectable with urine sediment analyzer.
  •  Users can set an abnormal value flag by themselves.
  •  International, regular and symbol system units available for option.
micre plate reader

NS-100 Nano Scan Microplate Reader

  • NS-100 Nano Scan Microplate Reader is an excellent and versatile absorbance microplate reader that is essential for laboratories that require routine measurement of concentration or absorbance in 96-well plates.
  • It is intended for use in various applications such as ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays), protein quantification, cell proliferation, enzyme kinetic as well as colorimetric assays.
  • With fast reading speed, great performance and reproducible result, users no longer have to worry about inaccuracy or time-consuming measurements for your assays.
  • The NS-100 Nano Scan Microplate Reader offers user-friendly interface with convenient data output, large data storage, built-in shaker for uniform cell suspension and homogenized coloured solutions.
  • It is an economical. robust and stand-alone system that does not require any external computer. The compact design takes up only minimal space making it suitable for small laboratories.

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