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Look no further if you’re looking for surgical supplies from one of the UAE’s leading medical suppliers! Abonemed Medical Equipment LLC is one of the top surgical equipment suppliers in the UAE. Because we sell a comprehensive choice of high-quality surgical equipment, medical equipment, hospital furnishings, surgical instruments, and more from manufacturers worldwide, we are a global leader in this sector.

We can guarantee that whatever your medical officer wants, you won’t be constrained by latent demand or accessibility because we are a premium Surgical equipment supplier company. We never undervalue the significance of offering our customers high-quality goods at competitive prices.

ABONEMED is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and all of our products are CE-qualified. Our Bio-Medical Engineers deliver standard world-class services with their continually enhanced expertise. All entrust themselves to our care and receive world-class customer service and exceptional technical support.

Why Buy Surgical Equipment From Abonemed Medical Equipment?

Abonemed Medical Equipment LLC, an industry leader in medical equipment distribution since 2008, promises to offer doctors the latest surgical tools and equipment. And our products are not limited to a few medical departments. We stock a diverse range of surgical tools for various nursing, care, and treatment segments.

Abonemed Medical Equipment LLC strongly focuses on the people and culture they have developed and continually nurtures. Striving to deliver quality surgical solutions, ABONEMED enables the best patient outcomes and makes life in the operating theatre easier.

Abonemed Medical Equipment LLC is a leading medical equipment provider in the UAE. We are constantly searching for innovative, new products to enhance the outcome of many surgical procedures. Their ability to source and develop new products according to customer’s needs has been the cornerstone of their success.

Surgical equipment suppliers

Our Values

Abonemed Medical Equipment LLC, where we present quality, specialist surgical instruments and medical devices.

Like you, we value products with a reputation for quality and innovation and supply surgeons who demand precision.

Customer Commitment

Customer First: We believe in building long-term trust relationships with our clients.


We are committed to providing the best quality medical products and services.


Always doing the right thing the right way.


We are bringing new technology to improve patients’ life at every stage.


We are continuously pursuing new technology for the better well-being of patients.

Improving Life

Committed to improving the quality of life for patients.


We work across boundaries to meet up the requirements of our clients and to help the organization win.

Surgical equipment suppliers in UAE

We Offer You the Best Surgical Equipment

For many years Abonemed Medical Equipment LLC has been taking care of its customers by providing skills and knowledge both in the private and medical sectors. The company is widely consolidated in the healthcare-hospital market for medical surgical devices and equipment distribution.

Extensive experience in managing and distributing medical and surgical devices is a point of reference in specialist lines such as oncological surgery, general surgery, vascular surgery, aesthetics, ENT, OMF, urology, anesthesia, and resuscitation.

We are the top surgical equipment dealer in UAE that has been operating for many years with dedication and professionalism in the medical field. If you are looking for a reliable and precise dealer for your surgical instruments need, do not hesitate to contact our Abonemed team to immediately receive specialized advice or a personalized quote for your requests.


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