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Buying Laboratory equipment from a variety of vendors and getting it delivered to your business is a time-consuming and complicated process. We make it simple for you at Abonemed Medical Equipment LLC by providing all of the lab equipment you require in one location. Aside from laboratory equipment, we also offer surgical instruments, hospital furniture, and general medical gadgets from industry-leading manufacturers all over the UAE to ensure that your facility’s operations run smoothly.

Abonemed laboratory equipment is available, as well as a variety of global brands that have been shown to meet the same high standards as Abonemed during the distribution process. We may also build a bespoke laboratory solution to properly suit your requirements thanks to our 14 years of industry experience and devoted and knowledgeable personnel.

Laboratory Medical Eqquipment

We help hospitals, healthcare centers, scientists, researchers, and medical professionals boost productivity and efficiency every day as a leading source of lab equipment and consumables in Dubai. Apart from being a reliable provider of high-quality lab equipment in Dubai, we also provide unbiased and experienced technical support for all of our products to help you solve your application problems.

What Makes Us the Prefered Laboratory Equipment Suppliers in Dubai

Medical Products

Expansive Product Range

Abonemed supplies thousands of laboratory products from reputable brands from Dubai and around the UAE, including microscopes, centrifuges, autoclaves, analyzers, bio-safety cabinets, and many more.
We also specialize in locating hard-to-find products for the healthcare industry and linking you with a wide range of professional services, including medical equipment suppliers, equipment calibration, laboratory setup, medical repair services, and more.


Experienced, Friendly Staff

Abonemed's personnel and consultants have extensive experience in a range of industries, including laboratory equipment dealers, medical equipment suppliers, hospital furniture wholesalers, and others.
Contact us at any moment to discuss your requirements and rest confident that you'll be getting expert assistance from people who know what they're talking about.

High quality products

High-Quality Products

Abonemed is an ISO 9001:2015 and CE-certified company that sells cutting-edge items from well-known manufacturers. You'll appreciate the peace of mind that our products and services provide. One of the reasons our customers keep coming back to us for their next set of needs is that we don't cut corners on product quality.
We're excited to cooperate with some of the country's most recognized and respected businesses as a trusted provider of high-quality items to the Dubai healthcare sector.

Our Best Selling Laboratory Equipment


A microscope is a device that magnifies images of small objects to allow the viewer to examine minute features at a scale suitable for inquiry and analysis.


An autoclave is a machine that kills hazardous bacteria, viruses, fungus, and spores on goods that are placed inside a pressure vessel using steam under pressure. The goods are heated to a sterilizing temperature and held there for a set period.


Incubators are a common sight in NICUs. They are used in conjunction with other devices and methods to provide the greatest possible environment and continuous monitoring for babies who require special assistance.

Biochemistry Analyzers

A biochemistry analyzer, also known as a clinical chemistry analyzer, is a machine that counts metabolites in biological samples such as blood or urine. It can be used to analyze, investigate, and evaluate a variety of sample characteristics.


A microtome is an instrument that is used to cut exceedingly thin material pieces for microscopic inspection. Microtomes can slice pieces to a thickness of 50nm and are used in clinical, research, and industrial settings.

Laboratory Equipment In Dubai

Dubai's Finest Laboratory Equipment Supplier

The number of hospitals, clinics, and laboratories in Dubai has increased dramatically in the previous decade, as seen by the growing number of hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. Laboratories can be found all around the UAE. Without a question, Dubai is one of the UAE’s fastest-growing industries.

Medical laboratory equipment demand is being driven by a growing demand for medical treatment and clinical research, as well as a rapidly increasing life sciences industry and an aging population.

The cost of new technology is high. Collaboration with an established medical lab equipment supplier is the ideal approach for clinical laboratories to obtain the most up-to-date tools for accurate and timely testing. To help their customers stay competitive, a trusted supplier can provide quality instruments, reagents, and consumables at reduced prices, as well as offer reasonable equipment rental choices.

Abonemed Medical Equipment LLC offers a wide range of high-quality laboratory equipment. We have established ourselves as Dubai’s premier laboratory equipment supplier and distributor.


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