Mobile Adjustable Height Barrier

Mobile Adjustable Height Barrier

  • The Adjustable Height Barrier allows the user to position the clear lead at any height level between 45¼” and 74”.
  • By use of an internal counter-balancing mechanism, the clear lead can be moved up or down with minimal effort.
  • The overall width of the base is 31 inches and provides 0.8mm lead equivalent protection. The upper 28-inch wide clear lead provides 0.5mm equivalency protection.
  • This strong yet lightweight barrier is convenient to use for dozens of applications.
  • The 7” legs and casters facilitate easy transport ensuring you will get maximum usage from it. When completely closed, the barrier is easy to store.
Nuclear Medicine Mobile Barrier

Nuclear Medicine Mobile Barrier

  • Nuclear Medicine Barrier offers protection against patient-emitting radiation
    1.0 mm lead equivalent protection
  • Features 24” x 48” OptiClear™ Lead Acrylic viewing area
  • Designed for easy maneuvering and cleaning
  • Ideal for use during nuclear medicine procedures by providing complete
    protection against patient emitted radiation. Safe, durable and shatter resistant, the OptiClear™ Lead Acrylic window is a transparent acrylic containing 30% lead
    by weight.
  • With its large casters, the Nuclear Medicine Mobile Barrier is effortless
    to maneuver offering protection wherever it’s needed.

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