Single Channel ECG machine

  • 2.7″ STN display shows the working status and ECG waveform
  • Power supply:AC/DC
  • Rechargeable lithium battery inside
  • Item Weight : 4 kg
  •  Recording frequency Response: Up to 150 Hz
  • This instrument can record 160 pieces of ECG waveform and 4 hours, standby for 10 hours continually under the best DC state

3-Channel ECG machine


  • 3.5″ TFT color LCD screen
  • AC: 110-220V, 50/60 Hz
  • 12 leads simultaneous display
  • Thermal printing system
  • AC and DC power supply
  • High capacity built-in lithium rechargeable battery
  • Battery power supports up to 150 ECG continuous records Built-in Database
  • Built-in memory can store more than 1000 cases
  • Digital signal processor for filter
  • Auto-measurement, auto-analysis, auto-interpretations
  • ECG-Sync software, USB connection to PC

6/12-Channel ECG machine

  • Power supply: internal rechargeable Lithium batteries
  • 12.1 inch high-resolution foldable color TFT touch-screen
  • ST analyses and reports
  • Complete digital filters, resisting baseline drift, AC and EMG interference
  • Continuous print more than 3-hour
  • Sleep mode for saving energy and extending LCD life
  • 200 ECGs in internal memory
  • Real-time wave form freezing
  • Automatic arrhythmia detection and recording
  • 120 sec ECG wave form reviewable

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