Mercury Sphygmomanometer

  • Measure unit: mm Hg
  • Numerical display: I mm Hg
  • Numerical display: I mm Hg
  • Measure scope: LCD/LED Column: 0-280 mm Hg
  • Numerical display: 0-300 mm Hg
  • Pulse rate: 30-200/min, +/- 5%
  • Pressurization: manual by bulb
  • Depressurization: manual by air release valve
  • W/O D-ring Nylon cuff with silk printing latex bladder and bulb

Digital Sphygmomanometer

  • Blood pressure light indicator: signal in case the values exceed the E.H.S.Blood pressure light indicator: signal in case the values exceed the E.H.S. standards for domiciliary auto-measurements (85 systolic pressure and/or 135 diastolic pressure)
  •  Average 3 last measurements: average of 3 last measurements made in a 10 min period of time
  • Measuring method: oscillometric
  • Pressure: 0 mm Hg to 299 mm Hg ± 3 mm Hg
  • Memory (with data and time): 60 x 2 users
  • Inflation: fuzzy logic controlled by electric pump
  • Deflation: automatic pressure release valve
  • Power source: 4 AA batteries 1.5 V
  • Battery life (N° of measurements): 1000

BP Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with Stand

  • Improved ergonomics and a new modern design make for an easy-to-use blood pressure aneroid
  • Fits all sick bed, dialysis room, operating room and any other medical specialization room.
  •      With floor stand, wall and table.
  •      Subdivision Scale2mm Hg
  •      Accuracy measure: ~ 3mm Hg
  •      Extension of measurement: 0 ~ 300mm Hg

Hand-held Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

  • It offers outstanding ergonomics and simple adaptation for left and right-handle users
  • It is manufactured from shock-resistant poly carbonate
  • The sight glass is chemically stable and unbreakable
  • The brass valve screw works smoothly and is adjustable to exact settings.MR compatibility. Measuring range 0-300 mm Hg ±1%

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