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Look no further if you’re seeking ENT supplies from a top medical supplier in the UAE! The top supplier of premier ENT equipment in the UAE is Abonemed Medical Equipment LLC. Because we offer a broad selection of top-notch medical furniture, medical equipment, hospital furnishings, surgical instruments, and more from manufacturers across the world, we are a global leader in this sector.

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Why Buy ENT Equipment From Abonemed Medical Equipment?

Abonemed Medical Equipment LLC, an industry leader in medical equipment distribution since 2008, provides a range of ENT equipment for use in procedures and operations, including ENT examination chairs, lights, otoscopes, surgical tools, and many more.

We at Abonemed have a solid track record working with a variety of common medical and ENT equipment in the Middle East. Being the leading provider of medical equipment in the UAE, we are committed to providing our valued customers with high-value products that are dependable, sustainable, and economical. With this value-driven strategy, we have been able to add additional clients to our list.

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Our Featured ENT Equipment

Whether you’re looking for an otoscope or nasopharyngoscope, we often offer discounts on a range of ENT supplies to help you stock your shelves for less, and our premium brands, such as Aveus and Luxamed, provide exceptional value.

From ent examination chair to tuning fork, we offer a variety of ENT products to meet your clinical needs.

Vitcoco Otoscope-Best smartphone otosco


This ENT equipment is used by ENT doctors and surgeons to examine the ear canal and eardrum for regular checkups or to diagnose a problem.

Diagnostic Audiometer


An audiologist uses an audiometer and specialized audiometric testing methods to determine a person’s hearing threshold as well as to identify and categorize their level of hearing loss.



A flexible scope tube is advanced into the back of your throat during a nasopharyngoscopy procedure by the doctor through your nose.

The Best Otoscope For Medical Students In 2024

We Offer You the Best ENT Equipment

By providing systematic and simple treatment with our wide selection of ENT equipment and related accessories, we hope to help patients, doctors, and visitors. We provide a wide range of ENT supplies that are comfortable and provide a respectable experience.

Our ENT equipment features a variety of safety features as well as a wide range of uses. Apart from ENT equipment, we supply other medical equipment such as surgical equipment, hospital furniture, laboratory equipment, and many more.