Ultrasonic Cleaner

Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Power supply: AC 230V, 50Hz / AC 110V, 60Hz. True UE standard.
  • Ultrasound generator:

– Frequency 40 KHz

– Transformation of the ultrasounds in mechanical vibrations by piezoelectric transductors.

– Longitudinal distribution of the vibrations in the tank

  • Control panel:

– Switch One / Off accessible(approachable) in facade

– Bright power-ON indicator Timer:

– Programmable from 1 at 99 minutes by step of 1 minute.

– Display of the remaining time

– Modification of the remaining duration in the course of cycle.

– Automatic memorization of the last program.

  • Heating:

– Programmable of 20 in 80°C

– Display of T ° in real time – Regulated temperature

– Activation / interruption of the heating independently of the cycle of cleaning