Diagnostic Instruments

Dental Turbine RK-97 L
  • Optimal view with 5x Ring LED+
  • Perfect cooling thanks to 5x spray
  • Fatigue-free working thanks to ideal ergonomics and lightweight handpiece
  • Best tactile feedback with quiet operation
  • Value retention thanks to special scratch-resistant coating
  • Added control thanks to non-slip grip profile
  • Ultimate safety due to patented hygienic head system
  • Maximum access thanks to small head Experience high-speed preparation
  • Effortless opening of cavities, easy cutting of crowns and bridges, removal of old fillings at lightning speed and finishing of preparation margins with ultimate precision.
  • Advanced Air technology
Dental Surgery Laser PRIMO
  • Intuitive software,
  • Easy to use
  • Wide touch screen
  • High power
  • Small portable unit
  • Exclusive laser-assisted protocols
  • Variable tips and handpieces Pain relief handpiece
Upper Dental Impression Tray
  • During impression making the tray facilitate insertion and removal of impression material from the patient’s mouth Rigid Tray for enhanced accuracy
  • Very durable and resistant to sterilization so last s a long time
  • Strong integral handle for secure tray control and removal Dental punch has a slight cavity at the end so that the tooth to be driven will seat into the end and not slip off.
  • AISI 420 German Stainless Steel with Superior Craftsmanship. Non Slip Grip Quality Handle.
  • Polish to high Standard Finish. Fully guaranteed against defect in material and workmanship. Manufactured from High Quality Medical Grade Stainless Steel.
  • High Degree of Precision and Flexibility while conducting the Clinical Procedure.
  • High Degree of Aesthetic and Corrosion Resistance.