I-VIEW CMOS intraoral sensor
  • I-View is easy to install, handle and transport.
  • Obtain real-time images in few seconds, just plug the sensor and run the software.
  • Protect your patient’s information;  with I-View all your records are conveniently stored in your PC.
  • The  sensor’s high-speed data transmission helps you saving time.
  • Physical records are a thing of the past,  I-view helps to reduce wasted space.
Kodak RVG 6500 Digital Intra-oral Sensor For Dental Radiography
  • The RVG 6500 System features the latest innovations in digital radiography—while still delivering the highest image resolution (> 20 lp/mm).
  • Since it’s Wi-Fi enabled, you can also keep your operators cable-free.
  • The result: faster, better mobile performance with no loss in image quality.
  • With a system this flexible and affordable, the RVG 6500 System is the ideal solution for even the most demanding applications.
  • Adopt strong tear resistant PU has sheath
  • Easy to clean and strong bending resistant
  • Superfine conductive copper wire
  • Millions of bending tests
  • Applicable for almost all X-Ray machines on the market