Head Lamp

  • More efficient diagnosis due to white and high performance LED with up to 10,000 lux and a 50,000 hours lifetime
  • Wireless headband with built-in battery compartment
  • Particulary comfortable with balanced headband and one-hand operation
  • Focusable LED lamp at a distance of 40 cm approx. Ø 40 to 200 mm infinitely focusable
  • White LED with 6000°K, 140 lumen
  • Significantly less heating and energy loss
  • Rechargeable battery operation: approx. 90 min with fully charged batteries
Infant and Toddler
  • Led lamp without the heat of traditional halogen headlight. With a colour temperature of 5,500 °Kelvin, it provides bright, white, shadow-free light allowing the doctor to see tissue characteristics without distortion.
  • Flexibility of operation using the rechargeable lithium battery, instead of direct power source.
  • Comfortable lightweight headlights suitable for all kinds of surgery, ENT or dental applications.
  • The headlight can be used when it is charging, it also has low-battery indicator light.
  • Adapts to GIMA binocular loupes (codes 30892-8, 30910-5).
  • Smart design, convenient for mobile diagnosis.
  • Supplied in aluminium box with rechargeable 7.2 V / 4,600 mAH lithium battery and recharger.