• The high precision multi-lens optics creates an optimal image.
  • The thin insertion tubes are exceptionally maneuverable and have a special wide angle lens whereby a precise tip control and a remarkable depth of focus are reached.
  • Exacting workmanship and high quality materials create absolutely homogeneous illumination.
  • The handpiece is ergonomically formed and the insertion tube is especially comfortable for the patient.
  • This naso-pharyngoscope, with its proven design, is guaranteed to bring years of trouble-free service.
  • Wide angle, multi-lens objectives for excellent image quality
  • Excellent ergonomics allows one hand operation
  • Suitable for mechanical cleaning and disinfection

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctors do a nasopharyngoscopy to see the back of the throat. They accomplish this by inserting a scope, which is a flexible tube, via the nose. At the end of the scope are a light and a camera. These enable medical professionals to observe the movements of the palate during speaking. It takes about 2 minutes.

  • Patients have to sit straight in a chair
  • Each nose is sprayed with a topical anesthetic and decongestant solution by the doctor. The nasal passageways are opened with this spray, which might lessen the irritation.
  • A flexible endoscope is inserted into the nostril by the physician.
  • The doctor will next ask you to speak a range of words, phrases, and sentences while observing the palate on a connected TV monitor.
  • The scope is removed.

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