•  Aveus Otoscope has 3x magnification that produces distortion-free
    images of the examined object.
  • AV-OS-1 Otoscope LED has 50,000 hours of an extended lifetime.
  • It is a lightweight alternative to the standard Desktop direct light Otoscope
    for easy examination of ear and nose and small procedures.
  •  50,000 hours of extended lifetime ensures no replacement of LED
    ever in the lifetime of the instrument.
  • Aveus Otoscope has 3x magnification that produces distortion-free
    images of the examined object.
  • The LED fixed and sealed into the otoscope head and cannot be
    changed because of its long life.
  •  LED has 50,000 hours of an extended lifetime. Ensure no replacement
    of LED ever in the lifetime of the instrument.
  • The Aveus Ophthalmoscope is designed for examination of the eye.
  • Automatic switch off after 3 minutes
  • Approx. 100.000 hours life expectancy of LEDs
  • Approx. 10.000 Lux intensity of illumination
  • Approx. 4.000 K color temperature
  • Pivoting 3-fold magnifying glass with locking function
  • Insufflation port for pneumatic test
  • Xenon halogen bulbs for bright illumination and accurate color rendering
  • 20,000 on/off switch cycles guaranteed
  • Distal Fiber Optic (F.O.) Illumination: Reflex-free illumination of tympanum and ear canal
  • Viewing window with 3X magnification and optimized casing surface for razor-sharp images and minimal reflection.
  • Attachment clip with integrated on/off switch
  • A clear and sharp image can be acquired and displayed momentarily on a built-in screen. Just press a single button and wait for 3 seconds.
  • Real-Time Interaction
    The medical image can be captured and shared simultaneously with patients. A truly improved interaction between the health professionals and the patients.
  • Detachable camera modules are designed for different examinations as needed.
  • A video port provides a simultaneous image to display on TV/monitor or to download to Mac/PC system
  • Welch Allyn diagnostic otoscope head with LED bulb and NiCad rechargeable handle
  • Fiber optics project cool light to the distal tip with no reflections or obstructions for superior views of the tympanic membrane
  • LED bulb offers bright, white light
  • NiCad handle recharges via a standard outlet
  • Port located on side of the head for insufflator bulb to perform pneumatic otoscopy

Frequently Asked Questions

An otoscope is a device that shines a beam of light into the ear canal and eardrum to help view and examine their condition. Examining the ear might show the source of symptoms such as earaches, fullness in the ear, and hearing loss.

This equipment is used by ENT doctors and surgeons to examine the ear canal and eardrum for regular checkups or to diagnose a problem. An otoscope is made up of two parts: handle and head. A light source and a magnifying lens are included in the head. At the front end, there is an attachment for a disposable plastic ear speculum.

A speculum is put into the eardrum and modifications are made to allow the doctor to see the eardrum. Even though the condition is just in one ear, it is usually evaluated in both.

The ear canal of a healthy person is normally skin-colored and sparsely-haired. Earwax that is yellowish-brown in color is a common sighting. The eardrum is a thin, lustrous membrane that varies in color from pearl to grey. It is possible to see the tiny middle ear that pushes against the eardrum. In the event of a normal ear, the otoscope light will reflect. The eardrum appears red and swollen when you have an ear infection. If the eardrum ruptures, fluid drainage can be detected in the middle ear. There may also be scarring, retraction, or ballooning.

The otoscope can be used to examine the inside of the nose in addition to the ear. Otoscopy may be performed as part of a routine medical exam or if you have symptoms like:

  • ear pain
  • discharge or bleeding from the ear
  • dizziness
  • ringing in the ear

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