Litmann Classic III Stethoscope

The 3M™ Littmann® Classic III™ Stethoscope offers high acoustic sensitivity for exceptional performance when doing general physical assessments. It features dual tunable diaphragms and updated design.

  • high acoustic sensitivity
    dual single-piece tunable diaphragms (pressure sensitive)
    versatile adult and pediatric two-sides chestpiece
    small-side diaphragm prevents debris in open bell
    snap tight soft-sealing eartips
    next generation longer-life tubing
    small side converts to open bell
Infant's Stethoscope

Duplex® 2.0 stethoscope are distinguished by outstanding acoustic performance.
They have been completely new constructed to meet the challenges of daily diagnostic practice.
Special design tube for better auscultation of adults, children/babies or new-born.

  • precision double chest-piece made of stainless steel with innovative membrane support
  • anatomically shaped binaural with internal multiple spring for adjusting the contact pressure
  • extra-soft, replaceable  ear-tips for perfect sealing at the ear canal and enhanced wear comfort
  • innovative acoustic system with extraordinary auscultation for all frequency ranges
  • special membrane for precise acoustics with novel non-chill rims for improved adaptation on the skin

Supplied with name plate, replacement ear-tips and membrane.

Electronic Stethoscope

An electronic stethoscope solves this problem by electronically amplifying the sound obtained from the chest piece and converting it to electronic waves transmitted through specially designed circuitry.

  • The sounds are then processed for better listening. it is easier to detect difficult-to-hear heart sounds like S3 gallops and aortic regurgitation murmurs, as well as abnormal lung sounds.
  • Ambient Noise Reduction Technology: it cancels out, on average, 85% of ambient background noise that can interfere with the auscultation experience, without eliminating critical body sounds.
  • Acoustic Seal Eartips and Tubing: they create an excellent acoustic seal. It means a tighter seal from ambient noise entering through tubing and eartip connections.
  • State-of-the-Art Sound Sensor: positioned at the base of the tubing, the sensor brings the sound more naturally to your ears.
Veterinary Stethoscope

Many VETS use exactly the same stethoscope as doctors with human patients, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Animals have particular needs and challenges that aren’t applicable to humans. For example, an animal’s fur makes a lot of noise that can interfere with auscultation. Simply better comfort working.

Frequently Asked Questions

A stethoscope is a medical equipment that is used to listen to the sound produced inside the body, primarily in the heart and lungs. Rene Laennec, a French physician, invented the first stethoscope, which was an improvised hollow tube, in 1816. Since then, the stethoscope has become a symbol of the medical profession.

Later versions of the stethoscope were improved, but the binaural type with two flexible rubber tubes connecting the chest piece to spring-connected metal tubes with earpieces has generally replaced it. It’s important to utilize both a bell-shaped, open-ended chest piece that transmits low-pitched sounds well and a flat chest piece covered with a semirigid disc (diaphragm type) that detects higher-frequency sounds when listening to heart sounds. Instruments with both types of chest pieces positioned such that they may be quickly swapped out by turning a valve, are common.

Checking Heart Rate

Stethoscopes are used by doctors to check your heart rate. Stethoscopes act as sound amplifiers, bringing the sound of your heart rate to the ears of the doctor and amplifying it. When the stethoscope is placed on the chest at the same time, however, it is clear when a heartbeat is not reaching the wrist.

Detecting Heart Problem

The stethoscope can aid in the rapid detection of heart abnormalities in patients who require immediate surgery, such as a senior who has fallen and broken his hip. The advantage of using a stethoscope is that it can be done in five seconds, whereas getting the findings of echocardiography in the middle of the night could take five hours or longer.

Assessing Pregnant Women Who are Short of Breath

Because the sounds change depending on the disease, a stethoscope can assist detect if a pregnant woman’s breathing problems are caused by things like a flare-up of asthma or pneumonia.

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