Bedside cabinet on casters

Bedside cabinet on casters

  • Aluminum alloy frame with HPL compact board body
  • One drawer with lock
  • Middle open cabinet
  • One cabinet at bottom
  • Fold able over bed table
  • Height of dinning table is adjustable from 780mm to 1110mm
  • The top of dinning table can be tilting, also fold able
Bedside Cabinets

Bedside Cabinets ABN-BC-2501

  • A varied selection of drawer and door configurations, suitable for all budgets
  • Soft-close, shock-absorbent drawers that glide effortlessly into place
  • Long-lasting, durable construction, using materials that are both easy to clean and maintain
  • Aptly sized to suit the needs of today’s patient environments
Hospital ABS Bedside Cabinet

Hospital ABS Bedside Cabinet

  •  Frame: ABS Injection.
  • Cabinet top, drawer, tray, layer board, door and the base are made of ABS
  • Towel hangers on the 2 sides of cabinet, that can be adjustable
  • Dinning board is between the drawer and tabletop
  • Thermos , washbasin and other commodity can be put in it
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