Examination Couch
  • Single-hinged examination table with chromed steel tubular frameComes complete with simulated leather
  • mattress, backrest adjustable through different positions (max 45°).
  • Weight: 22kg
Electric Examination Chair
  • Suitable for a wide range of specialities including general practice, natural therapies, massage, beauty treatments or any multi-function practice.
  • This three-section couch can safely lift up to 350 kg, Designed to help with patient examination and procedures where space is an issue. Each end section can be manually raised +80 degrees and lowered – 50 degrees for left and right patient examination and procedures.
  • Electric height adjustment with hand-switch
  • Column lift eliminating total crush points
  • Independently lockable castors
  • Durable powder coated rust resistant frame
  • High quality anti-microbial vinyl & CFC free foam
Examination and Treatment Couch
  • Examination and treatment table with high stability
  • Electric height adjustment by a foot switch (low tension 24 V)Features:
  • One mobile section, gas-spring supported adjustment of the head-section (with mouth-nose hole) and fixed leg-section.
  • The large head-section can be adjusted positively and negatively and serves as back-rest.
  • Safe working load 200 kg
  • Power 230 V – 50/60 Hz
  • The padding is in medium-density foam covered with high-quality fire-retardant vinyl
  • Accessibility. The laterally open frame permits the access with patient lifting system or trolleys equipment
Veterinary Operation Table
  • Veterinary operating table with electric lift, baked enamelled steel tubular frame
  • Manual trendelenburg 15° and antitrendelenburg up to 15°
  • Lateral hook to immobilize animals
Operation Table
  • Designed to satisfy surgical functionality, practicality, quickness and easy maintenance. They allow, with proper accessories, to satisfy every basic surgical activity.

Table top size: 200 x 48 cm
• Height: 75-105 cm
• Lifting system: mechanical
– Trendelenburg: 35°
– Reverse Trendelenburg: 25°
• Lateral tilt right-left: 25°
• Head section: extractable and inclinable
• Back section:
– inclination (-20° +80°) by gas spring
– size: 48 x 51 cm
• Pelvis section size: 48 x 49 cm
• Leg section: 2 independent sections with following manual movements:
– opening right/left of 0°/90°
– inclination +30° -90°
– both parts are easily independently extractable
• Weight: 160 Kg
• Operating table capacity: 250 kg

What Is An Examination Couch?

Examination couches are the most important furniture pieces in every health care center. Every hospital should invest in high-quality patient examination couches since this item of hospital furniture can have a significant impact on the level of care provided to patients. The importance of hospital examination couches in providing proper and efficient care to patients is critical.

Adjustability and elevation

Ensure that the patient is not in any discomfort, and hence adjustability is an important feature to consider when purchasing a medical examination couch. Top hospital furniture suppliers will give you quality examination couches that are meant to accommodate patients of all heights and weights without creating any discomfort.


You may need to transfer the examination couch from one location to another on occasion. You can save your crew a lot of time and effort by purchasing a table that is easy to move.


When it comes to portability, choose a table that is lightweight and made of high-quality materials. As a result, tables made of lightweight materials like titanium and aluminum are a good choice.

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