Types Of Hospital Bed We Have

Electric bed with mattress

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  • Bed with side rails 4 sectors with commands roto transfer planes adj height, fixed head panel, polyethylene foot panel, antistatic system, 3normal wheel and 1 antistatic wheel, 5th wheel, colored insert for head foot panel and side rails.
  • Ergonomic design, with four ABS sections; Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg position, Solid base in tubular steel painted with epoxy antibacterial additives.
  • Control panel, adjustable height through two telescopic systems with vertical rectangular section, femoral and back sections are electrically controlled

Height adjustable Electric bed

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  • All steel components are epoxy-coated
  • Back section regulation using electric actuators with anti-crushing and roto-translation function to avoid abdominal crushing
  • Both bed sides have CPR manual levers for emergency manoeuvres
  • Footrest adjustment by click mechanisms allowing 6 positions
  • Remote control to maintain position or disable, the keypad allows adjustment of backrest, bed surface height, legs and footrest, comfort position, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg
  • 4 castors Ø 150 mm with central brake system with directional control
  • Size: 110 x 225 x h 91 cm
  • Bed weight: 130 kg

One-crank bed

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  • All welded main frame constructed from rectangular steel frame
  • Bed ends made in epoxy finish steel tube
  • 1 joint / 2 sections
  • Manual movement by 1 crank with retractable handle
  • Movement: 1 crank
  • Max patient load kg: 135

Two-crank bed

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  • All welded main frame constructed from rectangular steel frame
  • Bed ends made in epoxy finish steel tube
  • 3 joints/4 sections
  • Manual movement by 2 cranks with retractable handles
    plastic feet
  • Movement: 2 cranks
  • Max patient load: 135Kg

Two-crank bed with castors

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  • 3 joints/4 sections bed adjustable by electric motor 24 V DC and push button
  • Height adjustable by electric motor
  • All welded main frame constructed from rectangular steel frame
  • Bed ends made in epoxy finish steel tube
  • Legs fitted with 4 revolving rubber/steel castors Ø 25mm with independent brake
  • Movement: electric
  • Max patient load: 135 Kg

Air Mattress

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  • Designed for the treatment and prevention of pressure sore stage I in short-term and domiciliary therapies. The PVC mattress is composed of 130 7 cm-high bubble cells, particularly comfortable. Fixable to bed by extra flaps on both top and bottom side. Cold-resistant -30 degrees.
  • Flaps length: 50+50 cm

What is a Hospital Bed?

A hospital bed is a bed that is specifically intended for hospitalized patients or others who require medical attention. These beds offer unique features that benefit the patient’s comfort and well-being as well as the convenience of healthcare staff. Single-occupancy hospital beds are available. It can lower and raise the frame’s foot and head sections.

Hospital beds are intended to be functional, portable, and simple to clean. It relieves caregiver strain by lifting the entire bed to a height that allows for proper patient care.

Choosing The Right Hospital Bed

All hospital beds allow the patient to be supported in positions that are impossible to achieve in a regular bed. The method by which such positioning is accomplished differs greatly between types of hospital beds.

Electric Bed

These beds, also referred to as completely electric beds, use electrical controls to raise and decrease the head, foot, and bed height. They’re also the most expensive, costing up to 8000 AED in some cases.

Semi-Electric Bed

The head and foot of the bed are raised and lowered by electrical controls, but the bed’s height is adjusted manually.

Manual Bed

A hand crank is used to raise and lower the bed’s head, foot, and height. They are usually the cheapest option.

Bariatric Hospital Bed

Bariatric beds are designed to accommodate persons who weigh more than a conventional hospital bed can handle. They normally have a weight capacity of 600 to 1,000 pounds. These beds are longer and wider than regular hospital beds, and they cost more.

Why Buy Hospital Beds From Abonemed Medical Equipment LLC

Abonemed Medical Equipment LLC is happy to be the best Medical bed supplier in UAE. At Abonemed, we specialize in both the distribution and one-off creation of customized medical beds, and we make it our particular duty to supply the medical bed that best suits our customers’ demands with the best hospital bed price in Dubai. We know that the correct hospital bed can help patients not just to be more comfortable, but also to have better outcomes by lowering the risk of pressure injuries, infections, and falls. For the convenience of our clients, we also provide an adjustable hospital bed.

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