Sofa Beds

Sofa bed
  • Adjustable to bed position,
  • Powder painted frame
  • Easy cleanable leather cover
  • ergonomic and smart design
Sofa bed
  • No removable cushions
  • Easy trundle-out mechanism
  • 4 x Swivel locking 75mm wheels
  • Polyurethane arm cap
  • High Resilience foam
  • Steel internal frame
  • Commercial vinyl upholstery

Frequently Asked Questions

A stretcher can be a very useful piece of equipment in an emergency. A stretcher is exactly what has required in case a person becomes hurt and needs to be evacuated right away, making it ideal for the safe transportation of a person to receive medical attention.

Foldable Stretcher

Foldable stretchers are lightweight stretchers that can be folded, making storage and transportation a breeze! The foldable stretcher has quick-release straps that enable the aluminum frame to be swiftly secured into place, creating a powerful and robust stretcher. It can also be folded into two.

Rescue Stretcher

Rescue Stretchers are utilized by fire department rescue crews to convey casualties during a technical or high-angle rescue because they are sturdy, stiff, and provide good levels of patient protection.

Hydraulic Stretcher

Hydraulic stretchers can be moved into a variety of positions, including elevating and lowering by operating the hydraulic pistons. Gas springs are used to modify the back part, and an optional manual crank is available to raise and lower the knee catch.

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