Bio Safety Cabinet

Class I Bio safety Cabinet
  • Class I: The Class I biological safety cabinet is an open-front negative pressure cabinet.
  • The Class I biological safety cabinet will provide personnel and environmental protection, but not product protection.
  • All of the air from the cabinet is sent through a HEPA filter, either into the laboratory or to the outside.
Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinet
  •  Three protection: operator, sample and environment.
  • Airflow system: 70% air recirculation, 30% air exhaust A2
  • Cabinet is suitable for working with microbiological research in the absence of volatile or toxic chemicals and radionuclide.
Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets PPC
  • The laminar flow clean bench is a work bench or similar enclosure which has its own filtered air supply.
  • It provides product protection by ensuring that the work in the bench is exposed only to HEPA-filtered air.
  • Laminar flow clean benches are widely used in medical research laboratories, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and other research and production environments.
PCR Cabinet PPC BIO 130
  • LED display.
  • UV sterilization system.
  • HEPA filter efficiency 99.999% at 0.3μm
  • Interlock function: UV lamp only can be switched on when the front window is closed, ensuring operator safety.
  • UV timer (1-99 minutes): When the setting time expires, the UV lamp automatically switches off in preparation for the next experimen