Semi-Automated Rotary Microtome M-240
  • Full color TFT 7” display with PCAD (projected capacitive) touchscreen. Size and tilt of the display allow an easy and effortless selection of the parameters and increase user safety
  • MEM key for higher productivity, to retrieve previous cuttings settings when working with uniform paraffin blocks
  • Precise, motorized coarse feed in two modes, continuous and step. In continuous mode, speed is selectable between slow and fast to ensure a controlled specimen approach
  • Cutting-edge design of the specimen clamp that prevents building up of dirt and facilitates operations with the microtome
  • Special antistatic coating prevents paraffin adhesion and minimizes the cleaning time. Ergonomic design with surface for arm rest. Wide area on the top of the microtome for the storage of tools.
  • Blade holder slides sideways in both directions allowing the use of the entire cutting edge. It accepts low- and high-profile blades
  • The handwheel is perfectly balanced thanks to an innovating counterweight system and can be locked in any angular position. Cutting can be done by turning the handwheel clockwise or counterclockwise
HM 325 Rotary Microtome
  • Cut high-quality paraffin sections without a power supply with the robust HM 325 Rotary Microtome.
  • The HM 325 features retraction at the return travel to protect the specimen and manual coarse advance for fast working.
  • One-handed zero orientation head
  • Quick-trim button
  • Section counter
  • Guide-rail guidance for the knife holder
  • Large, easy-to-clean waste tray extends below the blade holder