Monopolar cutting electrosurgical unit

Monopolar Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

  • This high-frequency radiosurgery device conforms to the accuracy of monopolar and bipolar surgery and micro-surgery without tissue alterations.
  • Allows RF surgical operation or programmable time in milliseconds.
  • It allows pure cut, blend cutting coagulation, with incision scars reduced production IMPROVED, superficial coagulation FORCED COAG, coagulation depth, in the absence of necrosis SOFT COAG, bipolar coagulation and ablation.
  • The digital readout of the power supplied and monitoring via a microcontroller of the operational functions, ensure the absolute reliability of working conditions.
  • Allows highly professional surgery because of its ease of use and security measures.
  • It is constantly monitoring the neutral electrode and, if using a neutral electrode, it displays the value of the impedance of the neutral contact electrode to the patient.
  • The possibility of switching functions and control of power output by the handle, permits to apply the surgery without diverting attention from the surgical field.
  • Used in Outpatient surgery Dermatology Vascular surgery Gynecology Dental Otorhinolaryngology Pediatric surgery First aid Plastic surgery Endoscopy Ophthalmology Neurosurgery Pedology Pneumology Urology Veterinary.


  • Possibility of use of bipolar forceps
  • Possibility of use of split neutral electrodes
  • Minimally invasive surgical treatment allowed
  • Planning of the working condition
  • Memory of the last used settings
  • Power delivery and/or by handle
  • Digital regulation and indication to the output power
  • Adjustment of the acoustic indicator intensity
Surtron Diathermy 50D Electrosurgical Unit

Surtron Diathermy 50D Electrosurgical Unit

  • Monopolar diathermy ideal for small-scale surgeries.
  • It has “CUT” clean cutting, “CUT / COAG” and “COAG” coagulation functions.
  • The power supply for the above functions is done through the handle or the foot switch.
  • It has a dimmer to adjust the output power, with corresponding digital indicators for absolute accuracy during the operation.
  • The latest settings are stored in the device memory so that it is ready to use.
  • Visual and audible indications for circuit breaker (OC).
  • The device performs an automatic test (self test) before each use.
  • It has a ground handle as well as a control system of the correct placement, for the greater safety of the patient.
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