Patient Monitor PROview 10

PROview 10" Patient Monitor
  • Brilliant image display
  • 27 different types of arrhythmia analysis
  • Early Warning Score (EMS) – Assessing the urgency of medical action
  • Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)
  • Monitoring of the respiratory tract in neonates
  • Measurement of oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate
  • Easy hygienic cleaning
  • Uncomplicated storage of the accessories on the back of the device
  • Blood pressure measurement for adults and children (NIBP)
  • Central monitoring software for up to 66 monitors (optional)
  • 4 hours battery life / up to 8 hours (optional) expandable

Patient Monitor PM 7000C

Multi-parameter TEMP monitor PM-7000C
  • 12.1“ LED screen, high brightness,
  • Low power consumption and long lifetime
  • Standard 6 parameters configurations: ECG. RESP, NIBP. SP02% PR, TEMP
  • Large font display offers a clear view of all vital signs
  • One key reset alarm setting function to realize the shortcuts operation
  • Support wire/wireless WIFI network, PLC-Power Line
  • Communication Support AC and DC, build-in Lithium-ion battery, can provide the power to the monitor a long time after the power off
  • Application: Adult, Neonatal, Pediatric

Philips Intellivue MP70 Patient Monitor

Philips Intellivue MP70 Patient Monitor
  • Touchscreen navigation with optional SpeedPoint, Remote SpeedPoint, Mouse, or PS/2-compatible device
  • Indicated for use with Adults, Pediatrics, and Neonates
  • Large, uncluttered display allows users to check vital information easily
  • 10 pre-set screen configurations to match every need
  • Networked platform spans the entire hospital enterprise
  • Designed for NICU, anesthesia, perioperative care, and CCU environments
  • Streamlined design easily fits into crowded spaces
  • User-configurable alarms and monitor
  • Advanced Event Surveillance correlates up to 4 parameters from monitor

What Is Patient Monitor?

Patient monitoring is used to continuously monitor patients using a variety of vital signs and warning systems to detect and record changes in their health. Multi-function monitors with large capacity are commonly used in hospitals and clinics to assure high-quality patient care. Portable patient monitors are designed to be lightweight and low-power. This enables them to be utilized in rural places or by paramedics in the field to facilitate diagnosis, monitoring, and data transmission to other healthcare providers.

What Are Patient Monitors Used For?

Patient monitors are most commonly found in hospitals, but they are also commonly found in the homes of patients with chronic illnesses, diabetes, and other medical conditions to keep a check on their vitals and detect further issues. So, here are some of the most prevalent medical applications for patient monitors:

  • Obtain a thorough assessment of the patient’s health.
  • After starting treatment, keep an eye on the patient’s development.
  • To reduce the chance of complications, keep an eye on a patient’s vital signs during surgery.
  • Keep an eye on a diabetic patient’s blood sugar levels.
  • Consistently provide care to individuals who require additional assistance.

Why Buy Patient Monitor From Abonemed?

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