Operating Microscope

Operation Microscope OMS-90
  • Coaxial Illumination
  • The optical system has been fitted with a new and innovative design that allows the surgeon to view a sharper image, with more clarity than ever before.
  • Stain-proof Coated Objective Lens The newly developed stain-proof coating is applied to help retain a clear viewing area. The focal length (F=200mm) provides the standardized comfortable working distance.
  • Parallel Binocular Tube
  • PD Adjustment Knob
  • Built in Yellow Filter The flip in/out yellow filter is built into the system to allow full protection against retina phototoxicity.
  • Compact Base
Operation Microscope OMS-800 OFFISS
  • Bright Wide Field The Topcon OMS-800 Operation Microscope, known by its breakthrough technology and outstanding wide field, expands its view even further, allowing the surgeon to visualize as far as the Ora Serrata for vitreo retinal surgery, while maintaining clear and precise detail throughout the surgical field.
  • Superb image quality for cataract surgery
  • A selection of illumination angles
  • Three different types of illumination angles are available to meet any lighting needs during surgery. Each mode can be easily selected from the foot Switch.
  • Anti stain coating lens
  • The OMS-800 employs anti-stain, water shedding coating for all objective lenses and eyepieces. The optical components remain clean and maintain its quality for a longer time.

Frequently Asked Questions

An operating microscope, also known as surgical microscope, is an optical tool that gives the surgeon stereoscopic image of the minute structures in the operative area that has been magnified to high resolution and is illuminated.

Modern microsurgery techniques depend heavily on surgical microscopes. It gives an enlarged, illuminated, high-quality image of the small structures for the surgeon, assistant, and operating room staff. Currently, surgical microscopes are employed in a variety of therapeutic settings, including ophthalmology, dentistry, reconstructive surgery, ENT surgery, and neurosurgery.


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