Sanitizer works by destroying bacteria on the surface of the skin. Although alcohol-based hand sanitizers can effectively lower the number of germs in a variety of scenarios, they should only be used when necessary. Because it is very effective and reasonably inexpensive, chlorine is the most often used chemical sanitizing agent. Sanitizers eliminate microorganisms on a surface by 99.9% or more.

Clean Your Eyeglasses

Use the sanitizer that you have on hand to remove fingerprints and even hairspray from your spectacles instead.

Use It In Place of Deodorant

Bacteria is the cause of odour in the armpits. So it’s only natural that rubbing hand sanitizer in your armpits will keep you smelling fresh if you forget to apply your roll-on.

Quick Acne Relief

Because bacteria on your skin contributes to pimple inflammation, dab a touch of hand sanitizer on the affected area and enjoy immediate relief. It’s also good for bug bites.

As a Dry Shampoo

Your hair will look just as beautiful if you merely squeeze a bit into your hands and massage lightly into your hair roots with some sanitizers.


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