Laser Therapy Equipment

LAS-Expert with laser shower and pen
  • Laser shower with 14 laser diodes for application on larger surfaces (e. g. in trauma, arthropathy, large muscular hypertony and in dermatology)
  • Laser pen incl. acupuncture search function (per conductometry) for key point treatment or laser puncture
  • Both applicators feature additional keys for parameter setting
  • Laser Emission:
    785 nm semiconductor laser (scientifically
    proven: best values in penetration depth
    and bio stimulation efficiency)
  • Multi– and Alpha-frequency (laser shower)
  • Continuous, Multi– and Nogier-frequencies
    (laser pen)
  • The therapeutic laser pen LASP-Expert allows for comfortable treatment of pain,
    trigger and acupuncture points.
  • For therapy continuous output, multi, alpha, Bahr,
    Reininger and Nogier frequencies as well as freely programmable frequencies are
    available (software extension optionally available).
  • LASP-Expert features a 500 mW
    infrared diode laser with a wavelength of 808 nm, which is scientifically proven to
    provide the best values of penetration depth and bio stimulation efficiency.
  • Its battery operation enables easy, mobile use of treatment.