X- Ray Cassette

General Cassette for use in CR25, CR35, CR75, CR85
  • The CR MD4.0 General Cassettes are user-friendly and durable CR (computed radiography) cassettes with a photostimulable phosphor imaging plate and a memory chip for storing the data entered at the ID terminal.
  • A CR MD4.0 cassette has a permanently mounted memory chip to store the data entered at the ID terminal.
  • The CR MD4.0 cassette is lightweight and very comfortable to use. It is made of synthetic material and it is warm and pleasant to the touch, minimizing patient discomfort.
  • Cassettes and imaging plate are available in combination or separately.
Fujifilm Type CC Cassettes
  • Fujifilm’s cassette based digital x-ray technology offers a nearly seamless transition from conventional film/screen cassette systems.
  • Fujifilm CR cassettes are available in the most common sizes as well as extended lengths for long leg and scoliosis exams.
  • The cassettes are of a lightweight and rugged design to safely house and protect Fuji’s advanced flexible imaging plates.
  • Cassettes and IPs are sold separately.
Cassettes and imaging plates for computed radiography
  • KODAK DIRECTVIEW EVP Plus Image Processing Software – Delivers high quality images based on Kodak technology and tradition
  • Hardware options – Monitor and/or keyboard can be placed on a floor stand console (that also stores cassettes) or a space saving wall mount
  • KODAK DIRECTVIEW Mammography Feature for CR – Bring the convenience and image quality of the KODAK DIRECTVIEW Elite CR System to digital mammography. Mammography imaging option available in approved markets*
  • Remote Operations Panel – Extend the reach and functionality of your KODAK DIRECTVIEW Elite CR System with this wall-mounted touch-screen panel that allows radiographers to perform most system functions away from the main unit.
  • KODAK DIRECTVIEW Capture Link Software – Link up to five KODAK DIRECTVIEW CR Systems and 20 Remote Operations Panels to improve workflow and productivity in high-volume areas.
  • KODAK DIRECTVIEW Total Quality Tool – Perform your own objective image tests and QC measurements with the same interface used for examinations.
  • KODAK DIRECTVIEW CR Long-Length Imaging System – Capture long-bone computed radiography images full leg and full spine, with this easy-to-use accessory.
  • KODAK DIRECTVIEW RIS, PACS, Information Management Solutions – Provide a totally integrated, enterprise-wide radiology suite that automates the various elements of the diagnostic exam process.