5 Best Pulse Oximeters in UAE For Medical Use

While any basic pulse oximeter is enough to fulfill your purpose momentarily, it might be worth investing in one with more quality for a few important reasons that we discuss below.


But first, what exactly are Pulse oximeters?


  • It’s a finger clip with a tiny screen.
  • It Emits harmless rays onto your finger to gather data on the blood inside.
  • The data is then generated into a report that you can see on the screen.
  • This is how pulse oximeters are able to tell you about your blood-oxygen levels and pulse rates.
  • These reports are crucial for making the right medical decisions.

Read our blog Things To Know More About Pulse Oximeter for further details!

We have listed some of the best pulse oximeters you can find nearby based on factors like price, durability, accuracy, and useful features.


Our Top 5 Picks of Best Pulse Oximeter for Medical Use


Pulse oximeter



If we consider each of the above factors equally, Santamedical is our recommended all-rounder. They are an industry leader in the pulse oximetry space for a good reason.

It comes with various accessories such as 2xAAA batteries, a handy case, a wrist cord to avoid dropping it, and a user-friendly manual.

They are priced just above average, but it’s worth it because the ratings of people on Amazon are off the charts!

Rest assured, you can trust that it will be a great investment in your health.



This pulse oximeter is in the similar range as that of Santamedical, which was only ranked first because of its popularity, but the features of Toworld are slightly more powerful.

They both have the same accessories and features, apart from having a few more measurements that may only be important depending on the individual:


  • Sp02 is the blood-oxygen metric, which is what oximeters are for.
  • PR is the pulse rate measured in bpm, seen in most oximeters.
  • PI or perfusion index is a relatively new metric that measures blood flow.
  • RR is the respiratory frequency which is also not usually found in oximeters.

Toworld comes in both black and white.



Wellue only ranks below because of the better price and popularity, but Wellue has them beat in all other factors.

What makes Wellue a more exciting pick is that they have an app that connects to your oximeter via Bluetooth. This allows you to navigate the reports more efficiently. There’s a limit to how detailed the results can be shown through a small screen.

Convenient and reliable, an excellent pick for those who can spend a little more and for those who require prolonged practical use.



Beaurer is rated for the highest performance, accuracy, and technology. It is no wonder that it is priced so high!

The operating system is efficient enough that you do not need to go through the hassle of downloading an app and connecting to Bluetooth.

Getting results quickly with the best accuracy is crucial for medical settings since medical decisions are made based on it, and there may be many patients to monitor simultaneously.

If you’re looking for the best and money isn’t a problem for you, look no further than Beurer.



This is our most affordable pick. Anything priced lesser than this is bound to disappoint you.

Moreover, they even come with an app that works similarly to Wellue! But you cannot expect the same utility.

They have all the essentials like rapid measurement, rotatable screen, one-button operation, plus remote monitoring with an app.

Definitely a great deal for those who are cost-effective!


Important Reasons To Carefully Choose the Best Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeters are often needed at the entrances of various public spaces to keep the spread of COVID-19 in check, or a loved one requires constant monitoring of the oxygen levels in their blood as part of their medication.

In either case, settling for a basic oximeter means it will not last long enough for practical use or may provide inaccurate readings that could lead to bad medical decisions.

Abonemed Medical Equipment LLC is known to be the best pulse oximeter supplier UAE and is trusted by many hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

Hope you make the right choice with Abonemed. Happy Shopping!

Take care, and stay safe.

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