5 Must-Have Portable Medical Devices In Every Household

Numerous health disorders have increased as a result of our fast-paced, stressful lives. People prefer to have easy access to monitoring and diagnostics equipment in today’s world. One of the many lessons of this pandemic is that you cannot rely solely on others for your health. There are medical devices that help monitor basic health parameters, saving time and effort spent on frequent clinic visits

Portable medical devices have transformed the way people monitor and assess their health and well-being. These devices not only provide continuous and non-invasive monitoring of health parameters, but they also provide real-time updates to healthcare providers via connectivity.

To ensure that everyone at home is well-prepared to take all the necessary precautions, we have listed 5 Must-Have Portable Medical Devices In Every Household.

Blood Glucose Monitors

Blood Glucose Monitors | Portable Medical Devices

This medical device is essential for anyone suffering from blood sugar issues or diabetes. The blood glucose levels of patients must be actively and regularly monitored. Portable glucose monitoring systems allow you to measure your blood glucose levels on the go. This medical device is very useful and simple to use for everyone, including elderly patients. A regular glucose level check is required to avoid any serious health issues in the future.

This medical device is simple to use and does not require you to visit your doctor every other day. Individuals with diabetes can then immediately report any extreme fluctuations in glucose levels in their bloodstream to their doctor, and appropriate medical care can be provided.

Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure Monitors | Portable Medical Devices

Blood Pressure Monitoring has become a routine for people with high or low blood pressure, as they are advised to check their blood pressure daily and report it to their doctors. Digital blood pressure monitors are useful medical devices to keep at home to monitor your blood pressure and pulse. Getting a blood pressure monitor would prevent you from visiting the doctor every day, especially if you already have high or low BP.

This portable medical device measures pressure quickly and easily.  A blood pressure monitor is easier to use than a traditional sphygmomanometer, which is traditionally used in clinics because it is digitized and the results are displayed directly.

Pulse Oximeters

Pulse Oximeters | Portable Medical Devices

The pulse oximeter measures how well your blood is oxygenated. This medical device detects the oxygen concentration in blood, as adequate oxygen must be transported to all organs in the body via blood cells for normal functioning. In such cases, the pulse oximeter comes in handy to ensure that the affected person receives prompt medical attention.

During the pandemic, it became a critical medical device to have. Monitoring blood oxygen levels is essential for patients with COVID-19 infection. This product is widely available, and some models include pulse reading, which provides additional information about a person’s health.


Thermometers | Portable Medical Devices

A thermometer is used to determine the temperature of our bodies. If you notice a temperature that is higher than usual, you should take the necessary precautions right away. This basic portable medical device is essential in every home, especially during the monsoon and winter, when there is a fever, cold, and flu epidemic.

You can use digital or mercury thermometers, but keep one on hand at all times. Contactless thermometers have been regarded as one of the best methods for checking contactless temperatures due to their proven effectiveness, particularly with COVID-19 viruses that spread through physical contact.


Nebulizers | Portable Medical Devices

A nebulizer creates a very fine mist of liquid medication that can be inhaled through a face mask or mouthpiece. Taking medicine in this manner allows it to enter the lungs and respiratory system directly where it is needed. The device is highly recommended in cases where you need immediate relief while also ensuring that your lungs get enough oxygen.

Portable nebulizers run on batteries or can be plugged into a car outlet. Some are only slightly larger than a deck of cards and can be carried in a bag or briefcase.

Many people overlook the importance and utility of having portable medical equipment at home, such as blood pressure monitors, medical thermometers, and blood glucose meters. We hope this article has shed some light on the subject.

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